ClinPrep - Modernize Clinical Documentation
  • clinprep nursing education software

    No More Paper Shuffle

    Get rid of the clinical paperwork shuffle. No more printed templates
    or dropboxes. Streamline pre and post clinical documentation
    with ClinPrep

    ClinPrep for Nursing Clinicals
  • clinprep nursing education software

    ClinPreptm is More

    ClinPreptm is so much more than just another academic EHR.
    Designed with clinicals in mind, ClinPreptm offers valuable
    features such as Learning Objectives, Clinical Reflection Notes,
    Pharmacology inputs, Grading Rubrics, Skills Checklist

    and Clinical Evaluation Tools.

    ClinPrep for Nursing Clinicals
  • clinprep nursing education software

    Clinical Evaluation Tool

    Imagine no longer having to keep up with and manage stacks of
    clinical evaluation forms! With ClinPreptm, you get fully
    customizable, built in Clinical Evaluation tools that you,
    adjunct faculty, and students can access online...anywhere, anytime.
    Let us show you how ClinPreptm can make clinical management

    ClinPrep for Nursing Clinicals
  • clinprep nursing education software

    Got Skills?

    ClinPreptm does! No more having to keep up with paper
    based skills checklists. ClinPreptm features a
    completely customizable Skills Checklist that follows your student
    throughout your curriculum.

    ClinPrep for Nursing Clinicals
  • ClinPrep for nursing clinicals

    Customizable Content

    Don't be saddled with canned content.
    You choose the questions you want to ask your students. From diagnosis related questions
    such as disease pathophysiology and clinical manifestations, to abnormal lab result significance, to
    clinical reflection notes, ClinPreptm gives you the flexibility to present your content.

  • clinprep nursing education software

    Grading Rubric

    Evaluating clinical documentation can be a challenging task
    for you and your faculty. The ClinPreptm platform offers
    customizable grading rubrics to help provide consistency
    in evaluation by reducing subjectivity and enhancing objectivity.

    ClinPrep for Nursing Clinicals
  • ClinPrep for nursing clinicals

    Designed by Nurses

    Built by people who have actually been through
    clinicals. ClinPrep is created from our experience to help solve your problems.

    clinprep for nursing clinicals

The Digital Solution for Nursing Clinicals

The Solution for Clinicals

Taking the place of Clinical Prep Forms (Patient Pickup Packets) used by Nursing Schools, ClinPrep is an intuitive easy-to-use electronic system that ensures your students are competent in clinical decision making and critical thinking. ClinPrep offers you complete flexibility with a wealth of features that make it ideal for use before, during, and after clinical hospital experiences.

Manage Clinical Documentation

Managing the flow of student's pre and post clinical documentation can be a daunting task: stacks of paper, hand-grading, storage areas filled with boxes, or disparate data stored in a dropbox. There has to be a better way. ClinPrep's easy to use, customizable interface is the answer for you and will help you to take control of clinical documentation.

Measure and Analyze

ClinPrep's dynamic, data-driven interface makes data analysis a snap. Imagine having all your students pre and post clinical documentation at your fingertips... anytime and anywhere. Review and grade student work from virtually anywhere. Request resubmissions without having to manage paperwork.

Nursing Clinicals made Easier

Be More Efficient

ClinPrep takes the place of the paper patient pickup packets, dropboxes or emails that are currently utilized in nursing schools. The electronic system is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Clean and Simple UI

ClinPrep’s simple interface gives your students the tools to better prepare them for their clinical experiences leading to better outcomes. All data is encrypted end-to-end and includes HIPAA compliant data inputs for patient information.


ClinPrep allows students to research diagnoses, medications, and diagnostic tests as they develop an individualized care plan for their clinical patient. And, you control the content.

ClinPrep take control of your nursing clinicals

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