About ClinPrep Nursing Clinical Documentation

What is ClinPrep?

Taking the place of Clinical Prep Forms (Patient Pickup Packets) used by Nursing Schools, ClinPrep is an intuitive easy-to-use electronic system that ensures your students are competent in clinical decision making and critical thinking.

ClinPrep offers you complete flexibility with a wealth of features that make it ideal for use before, during, and after clinical hospital experiences. ClinPrep’s simple interface gives your students the tools to better prepare them for their clinical experiences leading to better outcomes.

Check out some of the features listed below and you will see why ClinPrep is the answer for your nursing clinicals

Clinprep nursing education software

For the Instructor

  • ClinPrep provides integrated course management, student assessment and grading, and report generation functionality.
  • Quickly create and manage clinical assigments for your entire class.
  • You control the content. You can pose the questions you want to the students.
  • Review and grade electronic submissions. No more waiting for students to turn in paperwork.
  • Customizable Grading Rubrics for each area of clinical documentation. Reduce subjectivity and enhance objectivity in grading.
  • Clinical Evaluation Tools. No more chasing paper and managing stacks of clincial evaluation forms!
Clinprep nursing education software

Clinical Student

  • ClinPrep lets students create their own HIPAA compliant patients so they can better prepare for their clinical experiences before going to the hospital.
  • ClinPrep allows students to research diagnoses, medications, and diagnostic tests as they develop an individualized care plan for their clinical patient.
  • The Care Plan feature allows students to build, edit and review plans of care to strengthen their critical-thinking skills and reinforce their understanding of the nursing process.
  • All Patient Types Medical-Surgical,Pediatric, Obstetric and Psychiatric Assessments make it easy to document appropriately on patients of all types.
  • Learning Objectives helps students to clearly identify the desired outcome of the Clinical experience prior to going to the hospital.
Clinprep nursing education software

Post-Clinical Student

  • ClinPrep helps students to analyze and reflect on their clinical performance
  • ClinPrep gives students the ability to enter a SWOT analysis of their clinical experience. This can help you, the instructor, better guide your students throughout their clinical experiences.
  • The Skills Checklist feature allows students to build, edit and review the skills they have performed while in clinicals. This allows the instructor to determine and analyze exactly what skills students are performing during clinicals.
  • The Care Plan feature allows students to document what nursing interventions were effective/ineffective and why and what goals/outcomes were met or not.
Clinprep nursing education software